Q: How can i fix the monitor in the bartop?

A: The monitor is fixed on the vesa panel. The drilling of these are prefabricated. Only the 4 holes
for the side panels themselves must be drilled (10 mm depth) to the monitor to fix the center of the
Bartop, since the assembly is dependent on angle and screen size.

Q: How can i fix the Bezel in the bartop?

A: The best option is to attach the acrylic plate directly on the monitor with double sided tape or with hot glue. (!! Take care that no glue gets on the monitor itself, but is merely stuck the side panel of the monitor with hot glue !!)

Q: Which kind of foil can i use for the bezel?

A: The adhesive films for the monitor cover is available in various colors in any well-stocked hardware store.

Q: What do I need everything for the Arcade Bartop to finish it which is not available in Arcade4You Store?

A: What you need is a screen (best TFT or LCD), a PC or Raspberry PI with corresponding OS / OS or alternatively a Playstation or XBOX. Boxing still needed for sound / music, most are here USB boxes. These are available from only 8.00 € at a known internet auction house. For marquee, a 3M – LED USB – light bar.


Q: Why are there two small button bars in the kit (with a hole and one without)?

 A: The button panel with button is intended for the Coin / Select button (with 2 players). Alternatively, the bar without a hole, if this button is not required.

Q: Where do i fix the start buttons for the players?

A: The recess for this is pre-drilled on the side parts. Alternatively, two pinball buttons could mounted here.


Q: Why has the 1 – Player – Arcade Panel 8 holes for the switch?

 A: This is used for mapping of the buttons as be used in the Playstation or the Xbox.

Q: But why then has the 2-player Arcade Panel only 6 holes per player for the button and not 8 holes?

A: This is because its limited space on the panel, ranging in 90% of cases the requirements.

Q: Where can I get the emulators for games?

 A: The emulators are freely available on the web and must be downloaded separately for the PC. The best option is to use a Raspberry Pi with the Image Retropie obtainable on http://www.retro-programming.de/. There all popular emulators are already installed. The advantage of a Raspberry is not only the low purchase but also the space-saving installation.

Q: Is there an assembly instructions / tutorial for the construction of the arcade video game machines?

A: Yes, it is included assembly instructions. In addition, you can watch the video.

Q: How do the graphics are stuck to the Bartop?

Q: How do the wiring of the joysticks and buttons to a Raspberry Pi?

 A: The tutorial for the adding of the graphics and the wiring you can watch here as a video.